Patrol Draft Results

The PLC held the annual Patrol Draft this week, and here are the results!


PL: Jackson P.

APL: Nick W.

Patrol Members: Chris C., Evan H., Aaron J., Landon K., Joe K., Michael O., Jacob Y.


PL: John D.

APL: Matt K.

Patrol Members: Daniel A., JP H., Charlie P., Kai R., Sammy W., Bradley W., Ty W.


PL: Ryan A.

APL: Hunter Z.

Patrol Members: Matt C., Anthony C., Marty G., Teddy G., Lucas N., Ethan S., Tommy U.

Pine Trees:

PL: Nathan T.

APL: Karlo G.

Patrol Members: Andy D., Jacob F., Ian H., Tommy M., Cameron M., Charles M., Eddie Z.


PL: Alex Kl.

APL: Jett R.

Patrol Members: Elijah A., Nic C., David D., Alex Ke., AJ L., Owen S., Matt S.

The Patrol Leaders will be calling each of their patrol members as soon as possible, so please be on the lookout for that call!  If you haven’t received a call from your Patrol Leader by the end of this week, please let Scoutmaster Tirey know.  We may not have the most up to date phone number on file for everyone.

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