2018-19 Youth Leadership Team

With a new Scouting Year upon us, here is who will be fulfilling the key youth leadership roles in the troop:

This year's SPL Team!

Senior Patrol Leader: Alex K.
Asst. SPL – Program: Ryan A.
Asst. SPL – Commissary: Adam V.
Asst. SPL – Scoutcraft: John D.

This year's PL's and APL's (with our SPL)!

Nalgene Patrol:
Patrol Leader: Andy D.
Asst. PL: Charles M.

Snapping Turtles Patrol:
Patrol Leader: Ethan S.
Asst. PL: Charlie P.

Tigers Patrol:
Patrol Leader: Jett R.
Asst. PL: Ty W.

Wolves Patrol:
Patrol Leader: Matt K.
Asst. PL: Bradley W.

-Ryan N.
-Josh Su.
-Micah Y.

Troop Guides:
-Gavin C.
-Vince D.
-Jackson P.

-Bob J.
-Jaden K.

Congratulations to all of our leaders, and we look forward to another great Troop 701 Scouting year!

For 40 years, boys have joined Troop 701 of Strongsville, Ohio for one simple reason: "Because they wanted to." Together on the Scouting trail to Eagle they experience adventure, discovery and teamwork.

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