A Message from the Popcorn Kernel

MISSION: Get my car back in the garage.

It is with great excitement that I inform you that all popcorn that was ordered is in and ready for pick up. PLEASE call or text me at (440) 532-0416 to arrange your pickup.

Current overstock inventory:
Salted Caramel​​: 5 bags
Unbelievable Butter: ​20 boxes
White Cheddar:​​ 4 tins
Popping Corn:​​​ 16 bags

Please help us find homes for these wonderful items. No popcorn should be alone for the holidays. Find a neighbor, friend, or relative. Take some home for yourself. This popcorn never hurt anyone, don’t let it spend Christmas in a cold and lonely garage.

Jeff Riskin
440 532 0416
255 Clark St, Berea

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