Summer Camp Merit Badge Pre-requisites

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out an email via TroopWebHost which contained a report showing each scout’s merit badge schedule for Summer Camp, as well as which badges have requirements that need to be completed before camp. The best plan is to complete all of those requirements listed before you leave for camp, so that you can have the best chance of completing the badge at camp. It has been our experience that if a scout returns home from Summer Camp without fully completing the badge, they are less likely to get that badge finished up.

The class schedule report also showed which badges required special gear to be brought to camp, as well as any badges that have an additional cost associated with them. If you need us to resend you the class schedule report, please email and let us know.

Please take some time between now and the start of camp to complete any pre-requisite requirements for the badges you have signed up for. Let’s return home from Summer Camp with a bunch of completed merit badges!

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