2016 Rechartering

2016 Recharting is here!  Each year, every Boy Scout must recharter with his troop.  We’ve created a recharting package that contains every document you need to easily complete this process.  The package is found conveniently online on the Troop website under ‘Current Scouts’  The link is also posted below:


In the recharter package you will find:

  • BSA Annual Health and Medical Forms Parts A and  B  – Please update if there are changes.
  • Discipline Policy – Please complete.
  • Transportation Form – Please update if there are changes.
  • Parental Resource Survey – Please review.
  • Troop By-Laws – Please review for fees and important Troop information

This year we have four dates on which families can submit their completed rechartering package and fees. Please submit during Tuesday Troop meetings to Shawna Serna on any of the following dates:

November 10th,  November 17th,  November 24th or December 1st.

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