Youth Leaders

2023-2024 Youth Leadership Team

With a new Scouting Year upon us, the following scouts will be fulfilling the key youth leadership roles in the Troop:

SPL Team:

  • Senior Patrol Leader: Nic G.
  • Asst. SPL – Program: Carter A.
  • Asst. SPL – Scoutcraft: Andrew K.
  • Asst. SPL – Commissary: Aaron J. & Matthew R.

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster:

  • Sam W.

Spartan Patrol:

  • Patrol Leader: Collin A.
  • Asst. PL: Tony C.

Thunder Birds Patrol:

  • Patrol Leader: James G.
  • Asst. PL: Colin F.

Yet to be Named Patrol:

  • Patrol Leader: Emil M.
  • Asst. PL: Dylan S.

Yet to be Named Patrol:

  • Patrol Leader: Christopher C.
  • Asst. PL: Nathan P.


  • Trevor H.
  • Isaac H.
  • Zach P.

Patrol Quartermasters:

  • Rogan C.
  • Dylan C.
  • Hunter F.
  • Joseph P.

Troop Guides:

  • Teddy G.
  • Devin M.
  • Cameron M.
  • Caleb S.


  • Cotton M.
  • Ty W.

Patrol Instructor:

  • Mason B.
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