Adult Leadership

The adults on Troop 701’s leadership team of Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members and volunteers are all high caliber individuals who are capable of serving as important role models for our youths.

The troop’s Scoutmaster and his Assistant Scoutmaster team are the adults who work directly with the youths at campouts. They are a committed, well trained and experienced team with goals that include empowering the boys to become effective leaders while providing a variety of adult association.

Unit Key 3

Dan Sage
Chartered Organization Representative; Campership Chairman
Dr. Laura Eizember
Committee Chair
Wes Kent


Assistant Scoutmasters

Brian Cicco
Assistant Scoutmaster
Aaron Clark
Assistant Scoutmaster
Keith Gurtsak
Assistant Scoutmaster
Douglas Hauck
Assistant Scoutmaster
David Kunselman
Assistant Scoutmaster
Leslie Moder
Assistant Scoutmaster
Ted Parsons
Assistant Scoutmaster
Joe Wollet II
Assistant Scoutmaster


Committee Members

Dr. John Anthony
Committee Member
Susan Kaufhold
Committee Member
Matt Klaben
Committee Member
Kate Miley
Committee Member
Richard Noga
Committee Member
Jorge Robinson
Advancement Chair; Board of Review Coordinator; Committee Member
Shawna Serna
Voting Member of the Committee; Activities Chair
Evan Smith
Voting Member of the Committee
Jeff Tirey
Committee Member
Charles Whitecar
Committee Member
Ed Zalar
Committee Member
For 40 years, boys have joined Troop 701 of Strongsville, Ohio for one simple reason: "Because they wanted to." Together on the Scouting trail to Eagle they experience adventure, discovery and teamwork.

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