Scouting For Food Drive March 8th & 15th

The patrol with the highest percentage of participation gets treated by the adult leaders to a cooked meal AND KP at an upcoming camp!
How to participate, please look below to see what each scout should bring.
CHUPACABRAS                                                                   VENTURING
Dishsoap                                                                              Package of notebook paper
2 boxes of tissues                                                               Pack of colored pencils
Package of 4 rolls of toilet paper                                     Package of 2 glue sticks
               1 inch binder
2 bars of soap                                                                     STAFF                                          
Shampoo                                                                             Package of 2 paper towels
Deodorant                                                                           Multi-surface Cleaner
Box of 24 crayons
PEGASI                                                                                TIP SCOUTS/NEW SCOUTS                        
Toothbrush – package of 4                                               Dishwasher detergent OR
Toothpaste                                                                         Laundry Soap                                                        
Package of pens (6-12 per pack)                         

PLEASE BRING YOUR ITEMS to one of the following meetings: March 8 or March 15

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