Patrol Draft Results

The PLC met this past Tuesday night for our annual patrol draft.  The results are below.  If you are in a patrol, please expect to be contacted by your Patrol Leaders shortly.   Reminder:  Your first Patrol meet-up is Tuesday, August 2nd 7PM at Bonnie Park.


Carrots Patrol
Patrol Leader: Joe Whitecar
Asst. Patrol Leader: Austin Larrison
Patrol Members: Daniel Anthony, Anthony Coray, Andy Del Rosario, David Drabik, Karlo Gai, Ian Hauck, Ian Withington


Pirates Patrol
Patrol Leader: Bob James
Asst. Patrol Leader: Nathan Tirey
Patrol Members: Landon Kaiser, Alex Keirn, A.J. Leopold, Tommy McGrew, Ryan Nelson, Kai Razek, Ryan Rudolph, Nick Whalen


Sharks Patrol
Patrol Leader: Jaden Keirn
Asst. Patrol Leader: Jackson Perisutti
Patrol Members: Ryan Anthony, Evan Hatfield, Joe Krosky, Charles Miller, Michael Olexa, Jacob Yee, Hunter Zadar


Vipers Patrol
Patrol Leader: Nathan Moder
Asst. Patrol Leader: Matthew Fuller
Patrol Members: Chuckie Burrows, Chris Cooper, Antonio Donato, Jim Ke, D.J. Kreze, Charlie Parsons, Matt Schwass, Ethan Silver-Riskin


Wildcats Patrol
Patrol Leader: John DiFilippo
Asst. Patrol Leader: Alex Klaben
Patrol Members: Sebastian Bolton, Matt Kaufhold, Zach Lauffenburger, Jett Razek, Paul Ryder, Owen Sage, Bradley Whitecar, Eddie Zalar

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