Special Signup Procedure for Mom’s Camp Transportation

Please follow the following protocol to signup for February camp:

  • If you are driving to camp on Friday night, or driving home on Sunday, and do not want to transport any scouts other than your own, please sign up as a Friday night and/or Sunday night driver but list the available seatbelts as EQUAL to your number of scouts. For example, if you and your two sons are driving to camp and do not wish to share a ride, please sign up to drive with 2 seats only. This will let us know that we do not need to find seats for your scouts, but you cannot take others.
  • If you are driving to/from camp on Friday/Sunday, and are willing to take other scouts, please list the number of available seat belts for everyone but you (i.e. I am driving myself, my two scouts, and I have room for two more, I would sign up to drive with room for 4 total scouts).
  • If your scout is arriving late or leaving early, please note that on their signup for camp, as usual.
  • If you are arriving to camp or leaving camp early (not Friday night or Sunday morning), please note that on your camp signup and do not sign up to drive.

Thank you!

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