2019-20 Den Chief Positions

Any Scout who wants to remain in consideration for a Den Chief leadership position for the ’19-’20 Scouting year must reach out to Assistant Scoutmaster David Kunselman (Kunselman@MGFL-law.com) via email to confirm his interest. (If the Scout doesn’t have an e-mail account himself, he may use a parent’s, but it should be the Scout writing the message and not the parent.) Qualifying applicants will be selected to interview for the position.

Eligibility requirements to apply are that a Scout must: (1) not currently have another leadership position, and (2) be in the 7th Grade or higher (as of the start of school this August).

A listing of typical Den Chief responsibilities is located here: https://troopleader.scouting.org/den-chief/. A Den Chief is a Scout BSA role model for the Cub Scouts in his Den; and he’s often one of the key factors that leads Cub Scouts to want to move up to Scouts BSA. For these reasons, the position is an important and a highly valued leadership role!

PLEASE REMEMBER: When a Scout e-mails an adult leader he should copy a parent or another adult leader to ensure compliance with the BSA’s Youth Protection Guidelines of no one-on-one contact including in digital communications.

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