Troop Advancement Update

Spring Troop Court of Honor Summary for May 20, 2019:

Congratulations from all the Troop leaders on the work our scouts have put forth!

A summary of the evening follows…

31 Ranks were earned by our scouts during this Court of Honor season.

Broken down there were…
8 – Scout ranks earned;
1 – Tenderfoot;
9 – 2nd Class;
4- 1st Class;
4 – Star; and
4 – Life Ranks.

2 Bronze Palms and 1 Gold Palm were earned also.

Our scouts also applied themselves to 25 different merit badges with the total merit badges being earned at a count of 51.

100 Nights of Camping was earned by 1;
50 Nights of Camping was earned by 5;
1 scout became a Boot Club 75-miler recipient;
9 scouts earned their 1st Night of Camping award; and
6 new scouts earned Year Round Camper and 2 scouts have earned this award more than once.

We are truly an awesome troop!!!

Mr. Smith

For 40 years, boys have joined Troop 701 of Strongsville, Ohio for one simple reason: "Because they wanted to." Together on the Scouting trail to Eagle they experience adventure, discovery and teamwork.

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