5 Mile Hike Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 31st is our annual five mile hike.   We will meet at the Pawpaw Picnic Area. Please arrive by 6:15 PM. We will depart as a group on the hike at 6:30.  The Pawpaw Picnic Area is located off Valley Parkway in Mill Stream Run Reservation, east of W. 130th Street in North Royalton.  It’s at the bottom of the hill between Valley Parkway and Egerton.

A five mile hike is a 2nd Class requirement. There are not many five mile hike opportunities, so if you have not yet earned 2nd Class, you should plan to attend.

Please dress for the hike and weather.  This includes comfortable clothes, shoes and a water bottle.   You can wear your Troop t-shirt, but Class B uniform is not required.  We will hike from the Pawpaw Picnic area to Dairy Queen on Pearl Road.  Please bring some money for Dairy Queen if you would like to have a dessert at the end of the trail.

We should arrive at Dairy Queen around 8:30.  Parents, please pick your scout up from Dairy Queen.


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