A Message from the Popcorn Kernel (Jeff Riskin):

Let’s sell out!!!

Not like when Bob Dylan did a Chevy Commercial (a free bag of popcorn to any scout who can explain that reference). Let’s sell out our remaining popcorn. Here’s our remaining inventory:

Caramel Corn with Nuts Tin 2 Tins
Salted Caramel Corn 19 Bags
Unbelievable Butter 24 Boxes
White Cheddar Tin 2 Tins
Popping Corn 14 Bags

Turtle Hens 3
Turtle Doves 2
Partridges in a Pear Tree 1
Crazy Nights 8

If you have sold popcorn, please make sure that you go to Trails End and register so I can order your Amazon gift card. If you sold online you are already registered. You can sell online or from our stock for the rest of the month and still have it count.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to pick up corn at:
Corn phone: (440) 532 0416 (textable number)
Corn Cave: 255 Clark St, Berea
Cornmail: silveriskin@sbcglobal.net

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