A Message From The Popcorn Kernel

“High Tech! Easy Math!”
We’re a few weeks into the sales and l wanted to answer some questions people seem to be having:
On going door to door. We have 2 items for sale. They are each $10.00. There is a caramel corn and microwavable popcorn. People can also donate $10.00 that will be used to support two of our local food banks.
If you are going door to door and you want to offer the products that are only online, you have two options.
1. You can use a sign up sheet, like the one we traditionally use. Then you can place the order yourself, and when it arrives, distribute it. Please keep in mind that if you do not order $90.00 total, there will be a delivery fee.
2. You can direct the customer to your webpage and let them order for themselves.
The sign up sheets for both the door to door stock sales and the online sales are downloadable here: http://councils.scouting.org/Council440/Popcorn/Forms%20Clip%20Art.
Online Sales: Even if you had a prior account, please set up a new account with a new user name. Old accounts are not working property due to security changes at Trails End. Either way, this is what you do:

1. Go to Trails End website: https://www.trails-end com
2. Click the button to register for an account
3. Be sure to enter the following information from the drop down menus:
– Council – Lake Erie
– Division – Western Trails
– Unit – Troop 701
4. Complete the rest of your profile.
5. Share your special link on social media and with contacts.

Simple Math: Remember, there is no longer a $100.00 amount that goes to the Troop before you earn a credit to your scout account. For every $10.00 item you sell, $2.50 goes to your account, $2.50 goes to the troop, $2.50 goes to Council, and $2.50 actually pays for the popcorn. The online sales have the same split – 25% goes to your account. Remember this is our only fundraiser that supports not only us, but under-funded units throughout the area. This truly helps bring scouting to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

Show and Sell: We will be announcing Show and Sell opportunities. However, all the profits will go to the troop and scouts will be awarded service hours.

As always, feel free to call me or email me:
Jeff Riskin
440 532 0416

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