A message from your Popcorn Kernel: LET’S CYBER-SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like almost everything else, we are making changes to the 2020 Popcorn Sale, so that we can offer scouts the ability to raise funds for the Troop and for their own scout accounts, and still ensure that we are being safe and healthy. We will be doing this year’s sale entirely online.

I hope this will be an easy transition for the troop. Last year more than 50% of our fundraising came from online sales. During the last few years we have found several advantages to online sales:

  1. We can reach people outside of our immediate neighborhood.
  2. Social media can be a very effective way of getting the word out.
  3. There is no need to maintain an inventory or to wait for orders to be filled.
  4. The sale can go on throughout the year.
  5. There are frequent incentives offered to people who buy online (like free shipping periods).
  6. We can accept credit card sales.
  7. Deliveries will be shipped directly to customers.

This should be easy to get started. The first thing you need to do is to download the APP from Trails-end. Then register yourself as a member our Troop through the APP.

The APP will assist you in promoting your sales on social media. It will also allow to enter orders from customers you may encounter in face to face interactions. There is a web based menu of items that we have for sales.

Here are some items that should be helpful. The first is our product line up, and the other has some tips for selling online:

2020 Popcorn Product Lineup

Tips for Using Trails End App and Selling Online

If anyone needs to reach me, I’m including my cell phone (feel free to text or call), and my email:
Jeff Silver-Riskin
440 532 0416

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