A Note from the Popcorn Kernel

Popcorn Season is now upon us. I’d like to start by once again thanking all the scouts and parent helpers who made last year’s sale a huge success. At over $11,000, we were once again one of the top selling troops.

Popcorn kickoff will be this Tuesday, September 13th, at the the Troop Meeting. We will be distributing order forms at that time. In accordance with rules, please do not start taking orders until September 16th. For those who which to pick up stock to go door to door, we will have plenty available on Saturday, September 17th.

Here are some new changes:

  1. There is a new Tin this year. It celebrates the Cleveland Cavaliers and replaces the Cheese Lovers selection.
  2. We will now receive 50% commission on everything we sell on line. In addition there are products available on line (including coffee), that are not for sale in stock.
  3. We now have Trail Mix available as well.

We will be providing prizes, but not using Trails End. We are going do the prizes ourselves, like we did last year. Most scouts who answered our survey liked this better, feeling that it was a better way to support the troop, and that the prizes were better.

I really want to send a message out especially to our older scouts. Some of you may feel a little old to go door to door, pulling a wagon and knocking on doors. I get it. But fundraising is important, and it is a life skill that you will use throughout your life, no matter where your occupation takes you. Think of a way to get involved. If you a PL, maybe you can organize a selling activity for your patrol. Perhaps, you know a local business person, who would like to buy popcorn to distribute to his customers. It’s a great  opportunity for them to thank their customers and show support for scouting. Perhaps you know people who may be able to donate prizes.  If you have any ideas at all, please feel free to contact me.


Jeff Riskin

255 Clark St, Berea
440 532 0416

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