A pop-off from the Kernel

Hi. For those who have not heard, I am the new Popcorn Kernel for Troop 701. Ethan and his older brother have enjoyed selling popcorn and have been quite successful, so I’m really looking forward to a great sale.

Let’s get ready for a great popcorn sale. Last year we were the highest selling troop in the district. I believe we will do even better this year. I hope everyone has had a chance to sign up for online sales. Our next big date is September 18. That is when we pick up popcorn and start selling live.

I especially want to reach out to our older Scouts. I want to challenge you guys to get creative. You may view yourselves as being a little too old and hairy to go door to door, or set up in front of Giant Eagle or Walmart. I think you are probably right. But I know you can find really creative ways of joining in the sales. Do you know anyone in business who might be willing to match our military contributions? How about working with a small business owner who might want small gifts for clients or employees and would also like to help out the Scouts? How about helping out a younger Scout, who may need a partner? How about your own idea. There are really a lot of principles of sales and marketing and problem solving that you can begin develop now. I want to hear from anybody who thinks they have a good idea.

Whether you a veteran of the troop looking toward Eagle, or just finished with your TIP program, I wish you all a great time with this and all your endeavors. Please feel free to contact me:

Mr. Jeff Riskin
440 532 0416

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