Advanced Crew and Mohican Trek Crew Final Reminders

Mohican Trek: Arrive at Chapman at 7:30 AM, tomorrow Saturday October 7th. Arrive having eaten breakfast.
Advanced Crew: Arrive at Chapman at 8:00AM, tomorrow Saturday October 7th. Arrive having eaten breakfast.

Both crews should arrive back at Chapman sometime around Noon. Please remember that both crews need to break camp and hike several miles to the pickup location on Sunday, so the arrival time back at Chapman is an estimate at this point.  As usual, we will Tweet our ETA once we are on the road.

Both Crews Critical Final Reminder

  • Pack Light!
  • Warm Hat
  • Rain Jacket
  • 2 quarts of water while backpacking
  • ground pad
  • Sack lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks. We will have hot water available for dinner and breakfast.
  • No sneakers – hiking boots only

Mohican Trek Crew Critical Final Reminder 

  • Bring 1 gallon jug of water for each scout. Must be disposable container.
  • 2nd Year Mohican Trekkers – The current forecast predicts a warm Saturday night with Thunderstorms likely, due to the forecast it is not advisable to sleep in tarp shelters this year. Tents will be provided.

For complete packing instructions, please refer to the earlier Message of the Week post.

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