Advancement Night Tomorrow, 4/11 / Gear Return & Pickup / Lost & Found

Scouts, come prepared to advancement night tomorrow, April 11th.  For new scouts and parents, as a reminder Advancement Nights are non-uniformed events that start at 7PM and conclude at 7:45PM   Please be sure too to return any troop gear that was assigned to you for cleaning.  It’s very important that scouts return gear on-time and in good condition.  If you were assigned a tent that was muddy, the tent MUST be washed out and dried thoroughly. Always use a rag or towel with hot water and do not use any detergents.  It’s important too that they zippers are clean and functioning.

Speaking of gear, thanks to scouts that brought extra tarps to April Camp to help with activities. Several were in the trailer for transport home. If you are missing a tarp, you can check for it on Tuesday at the advancement night meeting. We hope you put your name on your tarp – remember put your name on everything!

Speaking of gear with no name on it, the troop is testing a new method of sharing lost items. Please visit our Trello Board here to view things we have found. If you see something that might be yours, please contact our SPL.

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