Backpacking Camp – October 6-8

Our monthly campout for October is our yearly backpacking treks. Backpacking is a fun and enjoyable experience that anyone can do, even if you have never backpacked before! Our youth and adult leaders are here to help everyone best prepare for camp so that they will have a successful, safe, and fun trip! We really encourage as many of our Scouts as possible to join us for backpacking, as it’s a great way to learn some important skills and prepare for future high adventure opportunities.

Sign-ups are available on TroopWebHost. For this camp, we split up into two different crews based on age:

Our Beginner Crew (6th & 7th graders) will be meeting on Saturday morning, October 7th, and going to Mohican State Park to participate in our traditional Mohican Trek. This is a great opportunity for our younger Scouts to have a positive and fun backpacking experience. Please read the information in the following link for additional information on Mohican Trek, why we structure it the way we do, and the importance of encouraging your Scout to participate:

Mohican Trek – Mile 1

Our Advanced Crew (8th-12th graders) will be leaving on Friday, October 6th, and also traveling to Mohican State Park.

For our Advanced Crew participants, if you are not able to join us on Friday due to other commitments, but would still like to participate in camp, you can sign up to hike with the Beginner Crew or meet up with the Advanced Crew. Just make sure to note that in the comment field.

Remember, Scouts are responsible for bringing their own food for the weekend. Here are some suggestions/tips for backpacking food:

Backpacking Food Info

The amount of food you need to bring depends on which trip you are attending:-For those Scouts going on the Beginner Mohican trek, you need to bring one non-cook lunch, one dinner, one breakfast, and a limited amount of snacks.-For those Scouts going on the Advanced Trek, you need to bring one non-cook lunch, one dinner, two breakfasts, and some snacks.

Please pack each meal separately into its own ziploc bag, so that it can be found easily on the trail (the bag can then hold the trash from that meal). Also, everyone needs to being a string bag to put all of their food in overnight. We store the food in cars, and it’s easier if everyone has one bag to store with all of their food. Don’t forget to bring a mess kit for eating (cup, plate/bowl and spork) – bring only what you need for eating your food, and pack it in a ziploc bag.

A fall backpacking gear list can be found in the Mohican Trek link above. Just adjust the amount of clothing you need to bring based on the trip you are attending. Here are some additional gear notes:-Everyone needs to bring two filled one-quart water bottles with them, and have the ability to carry at least two quarts of water in their backpack.-The troop will be supplying hiking maps, as well as a couple of compasses per hiking group, but scouts are welcome to bring their own compass if they would like.

Parents, while it’s your role to support your Scout, please remember that it’s a Scout’s job to pack his own backpack and assemble the food that he will need on the trek. This way, he will be familiar with the gear and food he is bringing, and where to find it in his pack.

Backpacking Camp is a great way to spend time with friends, enjoy the outdoors, and earn some hiking miles! If you have any questions about camp, please do not hesitate to talk to an adult leader.

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