Because of You

Hello All,

It is easy to see the value our families in Troop 701 place on the ideals represented by the Boy Scouts of America. It seems that now, as ever, the world is in need of as much exposure to these ideals as possible. The reality is, many boys that thirst for this experience find that their communities do not have the resources alone to support a functioning program. Ironically, these are often boys and communities in which the BSA program can have the greatest effect. Through the Boy Scouts’ “Because Of You” campaign, BSA works with these communities with the goal of ensuring a quality Scouting program for every youth. We ask that you please consider any contribution, large or small, toward this end.

Giving is easier than ever. Simply text “PREPARED” to 71777 or by clicking here. A menu will walk you through the amount, payment method, payment terms, etc. We rightly spend much time and energy looking inward toward our troop and community. Please consider this outreach as an investment in a better, broader world.

Ed Zalar

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