Blue & Gold Banquets / Crossovers

Calling all Troop 701 Scouts!

The Troop has received invitations to a number of local packs’ Blue & Gold Banquets / Crossovers this year. Scouts, if you haven’t already RSVP’d indicating your availability, please review the sign-up sheet located at and register to represent the Troop at those events.

Local Cub Scout packs provide Troop 701 with a majority of its youth members. A good showing at these events by the Troop’s scouts will help encourage Cubs & Webelos to want to continue on to Scouts BSA. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase what a great Troop we have!

The main responsibilities of Scouts attending are to enjoy a tasty dinner (and desserts!) and be there to assist with placing Troop 701 neckerchiefs on Webelos that will be crossing over to our Troop.

Two adult leaders from Troop 701 will be at each banquet/crossover, and we would really like to have three scouts at each event as well.

Thank You!

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