Camp Transportation Protocol


As we are getting ready for our May camp, we wanted to remind you about our troop transportation policies.

As you are all aware, each family commits to driving at least two times per year for each Scout in the family. Dad’s camp and summer camp do not count towards this number. Driving your Scout for a late arrival or early pick up does not count towards this number. Many families drive more than twice, and we appreciate their assistance.

Please make sure that when you register your Scout for camp that you note if the Scout will arrive late or leave early as this lets the leaders know of his schedule and that transportation does not need to be provided by the Troop.

In addition, please use TroopWebHost to sign up to drive. The sign ups are in the Calendar, with a separate sign up for Friday and Sunday. In the comments, note how many seatbelts for Scouts (including your own scout) that are available. Do not sign up to drive if you are only taking or picking up your own Scout(s).

Thank you!

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