Christmas Mother-Son Camp Sign-up Deadline Tomorrow

This weekend is Christmas Mother-Son Camp!

Christmas Moms Camp is right around the corner and we though it would be helpful to repeat some of the information about the camp planning that was shared with everyone during announcement this past Tuesday night.

Here are some things needed for camp:

  • Class A Uniform
  • Christmas Lights/Decorations (no tinsel/garland)
  • 1 Dozen (Homemade) Cookies
  • Extra Candy/Frosting for Gingerbread Houses
  • One Gallon of Drinking  Water
  • $10-15 Gift (Wrapped)
  • Swimsuit and Towel (Only Scouts are swimming in the morning)
  • As always, warm clothes (we will be outside most of camp)

Also,  Moms should plan to arrive at 11:30AM and you will be guests for lunch and dinner. Moms will depart camp after dinner which should be around 7:30PM.  There are many ticket options on the registration page, so we hope all moms attend – the scouts are working hard to make it a very special day.

This Tuesday is the last day to register for camp, you may register below. We see adult volunteer drivers beginning to sign up for camp – thank you!  But please, if you have not driven yet this year, please do so.  We have a large troop and transportation to and from camp is always needed.

Sign-Up Here:

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