Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge

Citizenship in the Nation is a great merit badge to work on at home! Here is a copy of the merit badge workbook:

Citizenship in the Nation Workbook

All of the requirements can be completed at home except 2A/B/C. As you complete each requirement, write down the information you learn in the merit badge workbook.

To fulfill Requirement 1, look at a civics textbook, talk with your parents, or research good citizenship online. Requirement 2D can be done via online research. You can meet Requirement 3 by watching the national news or reading a daily newspaper (print or online).

For the five parts of Requirement 4, read and study the Declaration of Independence and U. S. Constitution. Once you’ve done that, you’ll also be able to complete Requirements 5 and 7.

To find a famous speech for Requirement 6, here is a source for 10 speeches in U. S. history:

You must research and know your two United States senators and member of Congress for Requirement 8, then write a letter to one of them. You can submit the letter via email through their website.

Remember to write down what you’ve learned in the workbook. That will make your merit badge counseling session go quickly and smoothly.

If you have any questions, or want to go over some of the requirements, please contact ASM Mr. Joe Wollet ( And don’t forget to copy your parent or another adult on all emails you send.

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