Court of Honor Dates

Set your calendars – we have posted to the Troop Calendar the 2015-2016 Troop Court of Honor dates.  An important change this year is that there will be three Court of Honors instead of two.  We’re holding the first Court of Honor early.  Our goal is to see the scouts recognized for their achievements earned at Summer Camp and to recognize new positions of leadership and responsibility.   A lot of advancement happens in the late Fall and the Winter Court of Honor has been setup to recognize scouts who advanced through the fall.

It is expected that all scouts and families attend the three Court of Honor events. They are important ceremonies for recognizing achievement.

With any Court of Honor there are important cut-off dates for completing advancements and completing Board of Reviews.

Here are the dates:

Troop Fall Court of Honor
Advancement Cutoff. 9/6/16
Board of Review Cutoff. 9/20/16
Troop Court of Honor  10/4/16

Troop Winter Court of Honor
Advancement Cutoff 12/6/16
Board of Review Cutoff 12/13/16
Troop Court of Honor 12/20/16

Eagle Court of Honor
Eagle Advancement Cutoff 12/11/16
Troop 701 Eagle Court of Honor 3/12/17

Troop Spring Court of Honor
Advancement Cutoff 4/11/17
Board of Review Cutoff 4/18/17
Troop Court of Honor 4/25/17

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