December & January Camp Info

Typically for our December Camp, part of the camp theme and associated activities includes holiday/Christmas themed activities (PL decorating, gingerbread house building, and gift exchange) along with a delicious feast prepared by our Quartermaster team. This is a tradition that has made our December Camps one of the most enjoyable camps of the entire year! In order to make these activities as enjoyable as possible, we typically try to reserve a location that has the facilities that allow us to gather as a troop, along with providing the QM team a good space to prepare all of the great food.

This year, we had trouble finding a location to best fit our traditional December camp activities. Additionally, the weekend of camp (December 9-11) poses participation challenges for a number of our Scouts and youth leaders; and switching the dates of camp was not an option.

Therefore, our youth Senior Leadership Team has decided to switch the themes of December and January camp, moving the holiday/Christmas themed camp to January (the weekend of Jan 13-15) and moving the January camp theme to December. The location and facilities we have reserved for January at Camp Butler will work out very well for our traditional activities; and the location and facilities we have reserved for December at Beaumont Scout Reservation will work out well for the theme that was originally scheduled for January. Here are the details:

Sammy’s X-treme Bootcamp Camp will be the weekend of December 9-11 at Beaumont Scout Reservation, in Troop Lodges 6 & 7.

“Retirement” Christmas Camp will be the weekend of January 13-15 at Camp Butler in Atwater Lodge.

Sign-ups for both of these camps are available on TroopWebHost.

Making this switch will hopefully allow more of our Scouts to participate in the entire weekend’s worth of activities for January, whereas they would have missed some of those activities while they were away from camp in December. We still highly encourage our Scouts who have participation conflicts in December to please attend the portion of camp that you can, as our youth leaders are very excited about the activities they have planned for that theme, and still want as many of our Scouts there as possible! If any of those Scouts/families need assistance with setting up carpool options for December camp, please reach out and let us know.

We will be sharing more details about each of these camps as we get closer, but a quick reminder that some of the gear that Scouts will need to bring with them in January are holiday related, so don’t be too quick to pack up your Christmas lights/decorations and wrapping paper. Or, maybe hit up the after-Christmas sales to get some great deals on things you will need for January camp!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact someone on our Adult Leadership team. Thank you so much for your flexibility and understanding when it comes to these changes!

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