Duck Race Due May 23rd

The annual Rotary Club of Strongsville’s Duck Race and Kid’s Fest will be held on Saturday June 3rd at the Cleveland Metroparks Chalet.  A great way for you to earn money towards your Scout Account to offset costs associated with camping and other activities, is to sell ducks for the race.  The Rotary Club has agreed to return 50% of all sales back to Troop 701 and Troop 701 has graciously agreed that 100% of that money will go to the scout selling the ducks.  You sell $100 worth of ducks, you get $50 in your scout account – it’s that easy.

If you buy ducks for the race, you can also win the cash prices:  $2,000 1st Place; $1,500 2nd Place; and $1,000 3rd Place.

 Last year I had the unfortunate pleasure of accepting the proceeds from our sales at one of our Rotary meetings where they announced the top group in sales were the Girl Scouts!  Let’s not let that happen again!

Please turn in your sales and money (checks made payable to The Rotary Club of Strongsville) no later than May 23rd.

Click Here to download Duck Rack Flyer.


Any questions, please see Dan Sage,, (440)669-0740. 

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