Duck Race Sales

This year’s Duck Race will take place during the Rotary Club Kidsfest at the Cleveland Metroparks Chalet on Saturday, June 1st. Please save the date as it’s an important and fun service event (sign-ups to assist at the event are available on TroopWebHost).

Prior to the event, rubber ducks can be “adopted” for $10 per duck, $25 for a flock of three ducks, or $50 for a raft of ten ducks. Approximately 2000 rubber ducks will be adopted and will race down the Rocky River. The first five ducks to cross the finish line will be declared the winners and will receive a cash prize (see the attached flyer).

The duck sales are a win-win: duck sales help raise funds for the charitable work of the Strongsville Rotary Club (our chartered organization) AND half of all funds return to your scout’s own scout account (please expect a delay of credit for these sales, as all funds must be delivered to the Rotary Club, who then issues a check back to the troop before credits to individual scout accounts can be given).

A paper order form can be found here: Duck Race Order From

Please have all checks made payable to BSA Troop 701, and turn in the full amount of checks and cash to Beth Miller before May 21st.

Online sales will continue until 8 PM the night before the duck race (Friday, May 31st). Online sales must specify that they are group sales for Boy Scout Troop 701 (the attached link takes you to the correct page for this credit). Please note, however, that the Rotary Club cannot credit online sales to a particular Scout. If you know that an online sale should be credited to you, you will need to send Beth the full name of the person making the purchase. Only once the purchase is verified by the Rotary Club will we be able to credit your account.

Thank you!

Duck Race Online Sales:

Please find below a flyer to learn more about the cash prizes:
2019 Duck Race Flyer

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