Duck Sales Due at Troop Court of Honor

The Duck Race is almost here! Please remember to turn in all your paper order forms and payment to Beth Miller tomorrow, Monday, May 20, at the Troop Court of Honor at Chapman Elementary School.

This year’s Duck Race will take place during the Rotary Club Kidsfest at the Cleveland Metroparks Chalet on Saturday, June 1st. Please save the date as it’s an important and fun service event (sign-ups to assist at the event are available on TroopWebHost).

Online orders will be accepted until 8 PM sharp on Friday, June 1. If you sell ducks online, please remember to email Beth ( with the name of the person purchasing the ducks, so we can credit the correct Scout Account.

Remember, 50% of all sales go back to your own Scout Account. Go Ducks!

Troop 701 Duck Orders Online

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