Eagle Court of Honor May 1st

Sunday, May 1st is coming! Save the date!

Since 1912, the percentage of boy scouts earning the prestigious Eagle Scout award is only 2%. That is two scouts out of one hundred! Quite an achievement!

We at Boy Scout Troop 701 and our Community are very proud to announce that we will be celebrating four new Eagle Scouts! Our Troop’s 126th, 127, 128th and 129th since 1979.

Come see Michael Borowski, Michael Begany, Kyle Perisutti and Jarod Klypchak receive their Eagle awards and Dignitary letters with their families. See the boys mature into leaders and upstanding role models of our troop.

These young men started as your son did. They were young; wet behind the ears; wondering what Scouting is about. There is nothing magical that happened to cause them to be on stage on Sunday, May 1st. Every scout has an opportunity to stand where they will be. These young men earned their day! They had support from our leaders, their families and friends that encouraged them to succeed, and the boys supported our troop. These young men have found a way to meet the requirements and challenges of Scouting. Desire, dedication, persistence, delays in instant gratification and having a goal in mind set them apart. I can guarantee that their plans to get to the Eagle summit had more than likely changed many, many times. Quit Scouting! Certainly a possibility. We all have frustrations that get us down. But someone shooting for the rank of Eagle Scout gets back up, brushes himself off, focuses on what needs to be done and continues on his journey taking one step at a time.

Let your son set his goal to open the Scouting book of adventures, excitement, friendship, recognition, challenges and travel.

Be impressed! Please take time out of your day to come support, with your family and friends, the finest that Scouting can offer!

More information as to where and when to follow.

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