Family Life Merit Badge

Family Life is a great merit badge to work on at home! Here is a copy of the merit badge workbook:

Family Life Workbook

All of the requirements can be completed at home, but there are three main ones to focus on. Requirements 4 and 5 each deal with separate projects in/around your home. For requirement 4, it’s a project that the scout does on his own. For requirement 5, the project should involve as many family members as possible. Please keep track of the descriptions and results of the projects in your workbook. And take some before and after pictures as well!

The other main requirement for this badge is requirement 3: keeping track of at least five regular home duties or chores for 90 days. Since this is a long-term requirement, you should consider beginning it as soon as possible! Here’s a Pro Tip: Print out the chore list on Page 8 of the workbook, and post it up in a main portion of your house. That way, you will be more easily reminded of the chores you need to do, and keep track of them.

If you have any questions, or want to go over some of the requirements, please contact Wes Kent ( And don’t forget to CC your parent or another adult on any emails you send.

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