Father & Son Camp – March 10th-12th

Fresh off of this past weekend’s Ice Age Camp, we are already gearing up for our next camp, which is Father & Son Camp, scheduled for the weekend of March 10-12. We will be sharing more details about camp next week, but we are asking everyone to sign up for camp as soon as you can on TroopWebHost, so that we can begin to provide some preliminary meal numbers to the camp. Please sign up both the adult and youth for the event on TroopWebHost, or indicate in the comment field of the youth signup if an adult will be joining us for the weekend. This camp is open to all of our Scouts, including our new Scouts who have just joined our troop!

Important! While we call it Father & Son Camp, Scouts are still welcome and encouraged to attend even if their father can’t tag along; or, they can certainly take an uncle, grandpa or another parent/relative. We don’t want a Scout to miss camp just because his dad cannot attend. The cost for camp is $40 per person, which covers cabin fees and a full weekend of dining hall services.

As many of you know, the BSA has very important youth protection policies in place to keep all of its members (youth and adult) safe, and those policies are of utmost importance to us in Troop 701 as well. While it is not a requirement to attend camp, we highly encourage any adult who will be joining us for the weekend to take the BSA’s online Youth Protection training course. This can be accomplished by going to the BSA’s my.scouting.org website, and creating an account. Additional info on how to access and complete the training can be found at the following link:

BSA Youth Protection Training Information

Once completed, please consider emailing a copy of your training certificate to our troop email at troop701bsa@gmail.com.

If you have any questions about YPT, please reach out to either Scoutmaster Wes Kent or Committee Chair Dan Hughes. Thank you so much for your consideration, and we can’t wait to see all of you at camp in a few weeks!

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