Financial Update

Your troop treasurers would like to call your attention to two matters:

  1. A summary of your Scout’s financial account will be sent to the email(s) listed on TroopWebHost tomorrow. Please watch for this email. The balance you will receive is the current, up-to-date balance according to troop records. If you believe this amount is in error, please contact Laura (, 440-821-2445) to initiate a record review. Please note that the funds from duck sales were just recently released from the Rotary Club, and have not yet been credited to the individual accounts. If you receive an email that shows a negative balance, please plan to make a deposit as soon as possible so your Scout can participate in our next camping weekend. Thank you!
  2. The treasurers have instituted a new method to assure that credits are posted to your Scout’s financial account as soon as possible. This new system, while more efficient, will work best if all cash and check transactions take place on a single meeting date. From this point forward, all checks and cash for the troop must be given to Laura or one of the Troop Treasurers at the start of the troop meeting immediately preceding the camping weekend. If you send cash or check with your Scout on that meeting date, please ask them to turn it in to the Committee Chair at the start of the meeting. Of course, you can make a PayPal deposit with TroopWebHost whenever you wish. Thanks for your help as we try this new system to keep TroopWebHost’s data as reliable as possible for all our families.
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