Five Mile Dairy Queen Hike – August 1st

The annual 5-mile hike to the Strongsville Dairy Queen will be on Tuesday, August 1st.  This year, we will be hiking a different route, but will still be ending at the same place.  We will be meeting at 6:15 pm. at the Lake-to-Lake Trail Parking Lot by Lake Abram, on Eastland Road in Berea.  The parking lot is on the east side of Eastland Road, about a half-mile north of Bagley Road.  We will then walk the Lake-to-Lake Trail to Lake Isaac, where we will pick up the all-purpose trail, which we will walk on until we reach Pearl Road.  From there, it’s just a short hike up Pearl Road to Dairy Queen.  We are anticipating an arrival time to DQ at 8:30 p.m.

Completing a 5-mile hike is a requirement for the rank of Second Class, so this is a great opportunity to complete that requirement.  All hikers will also earn 5 hiking miles towards a Boot Club award.

Scouts should wear their troop t-shirt, comfortable shoes, and have a water bottle with them.  If there is rain in the forecast, bring a rain jacket as well.  Also, don’t forget to bring some money for a tasty reward when we get to Dairy Queen!

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