Follow us on Twitter for Post Camp Chapman Arrival ETAs

As you all know, we’re working together to streamline a good after-camp pick-up process at Chapman.  It’s difficult sometimes to accurately say in advance when the troop will arrive back at Chapman and we thank everyone for their understanding and staying flexible.

One thing we’re experimenting with is using Twitter.  You can follow us on Twitter at  here to view our current ETA.  If you use the Twitter mobile app you can configure it for push notifications as well.   The game plan will be for the scoutmaster to tweet the moment we get on the road and are heading back to Chapman.  For almost all camps, this will give you ample notice to arrive at Chapman with little waiting. If at anytime you are confused on the pickup ETA, please phone call Scoutmaster Tirey at 216.409.6109 for an update.

Our upcoming camp will be a good practice as Camp Stambaugh is 1.5 hours away.  We’re estimating now that we will leave camp at 10AM and arriving back at 11:15AM this Sunday.  For up to date ETAs, please follow Troop701Ohio on Twitter.

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