From Advancement Chairman Mr. Smith

From Advancement Chairman Mr. Smith:

Scouts –

  1. Please make sure the Advancement
    Blue (Big) book is up to date with ALL
    of your requirements that have been
    earned. Confirm with whoever
    passed you on your requirement that
    they have signed you off in the “Big
    book”. You are responsible.
  2. Once the big book is up to date,
    I will let the appropriate Assistant
    Scoutmaster know of your upcoming
    Scoutmaster’s Conference.
  3. When the Assistant Scoutmaster’s
    conference is completed, verify for
    yourself that they have updated the
    “Big Book”. You are responsible.
  4. I will contact you when your Board of
    Review will be scheduled.
  5. For your Board of Review –

    Arrive in full Class A uniform with
    neckerchief and previous rank badge
    sewn or adhered with Badge Magic
    to your left front pocket.


       If your previous rank badge is     
       not present on your shirt pocket,
       there will NO Board of Review
       conducted that day.
  6. For your Board of Review –

    Please come prepared to recite the
    Scout Oath,
    the Scout Law,
    Outdoor Code,
    Scout Motto and
    Scout Slogan.

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