Gear Cleaning Instructions

Troop, April Camp was a challenging but also a great success for the Scouts. We’ll have more to share about camp soon, but for now please read important gear cleaning instructions as this camp was unusually muddy.

If your son brought home any troop gear from camp, it is important that it gets cleaned and dried out today.  Here are the steps he should take to properly care for the troop gear.  Remember, the scout should be the one cleaning the gear, not his parents.

Cook Kit: Completely empty the cook kit, and wash every item that is in it; even if that item was not used this weekend.  Most of the dishes, silverware, utensils, pots, and pans can be placed in the dishwasher.  The other larger items (large pots, plastic washbasins, etc.) may need to be cleaned by hand with soap and water.  While everything is out of the cook kit, please wipe down and clean out the inside and outside of the bin, and clean both sides of the lid.  Once you have cleaned the cook kit, and cleaned and dried all of the items in the cook kit, please pack it back up, noting that everything (including the washbasins), need to go back in to the cook kit.

Tent: The tents need to be cleaned and dry as soon as possible, as leaving mud on the tent will weaken the material, and leaving it wet will result in the tent becoming mildewed and smelly.  Please clean all of the mud and dirt off of every part of the tent and rain fly.  This includes the bottom of the tent, the inside floor of the tent, the bottoms of the rain fly, and any other areas that have mud.  Don’t forget to clean the mud off of the tent stakes and poles, as well as the tent bags.  A sponge and lightly soapy water can be used for this, and make sure to rinse all of the soap off of the tent.  You can wash the tent by hand in a utility sink, or other large area (basement, garage, driveway).  Do not wash the tent in a washing machine.  Once the tent and fly are clean, please hang them up to dry, as the tent and fly must be completely dry before you pack them up.  Once dry, please fold and roll up the tent/fly, and place them in the tent bag, along with the stakes and poles.

Dutch Oven: These need to be washed by hand, and not placed in the dishwasher.  Soapy hot water and a sponge work best.  If stuff is stuck to the dutch oven, do not forcibly scrape it off, as that will scratch the dutch oven.  Fill it with water, and heat it up on the stove to loosen what is stuck.  Don’t forget to also clean the lid.

Cooler:  Please clean the inside and outside of the cooler, the lid, and the spigot, with warm, soapy water.  Rinse it out, and make sure it is completely dry.  

Please make sure to clean your troop gear today (especially the tents), and bring it back clean and dry at the start of this Tuesday’s Advancement Night.  Thanks for your cooperation!

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