Geocaching Merit Badge Followup

For scouts who started the Geocaching merit badge at summer camp, one requirement assigned as homework was requirement #8. Scouts can complete that requirement by creating “a Scouting-related Travel Bug® that promotes one of the values of Scouting […] and ‘releasing’ that Travel Bug into a public geocache and monitor its progress at for 30 days.” A Travel Bug® is simply a tracking tag attached to any item. The tracking tags are sold by for $4.99 ( Shipping is free on orders over $35, so the Troop is trying to put together a group order to see if there is enough interest to avoid shipping charges.

If you’d like to be included in the group order for a Travel Bug® tag, please complete the form located here: You can drop off payment for your tag to Mr. Kunselman the next time the Troop is able to meet in person, and tags will be distributed after the order arrives.

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