Gold Rush Camp Look-Back From Troop Historian Ethan S.R.

Gold Rush Camp:  This camp’s theme was gold rush.  Gold rush consisted of patrols winning nuggets (painted rocks) for various activities including games, meals, and spirit. On Saturday each patrol use their nuggets to bid on unknown items.  These prizes range from breakfast at Mcdonalds to lost and found.  Although, no matter what each patrol got they were satisfied.  There were 5 types of nuggets, gold (1 nugget), orange (5 nuggets), red (10 nuggets), blue (20 nuggets), pink (100).  There was only one pink nugget and it was found by the Ravens patrol.

        One of the games was robot control, where nuggets are placed in a ring and 2 people are blind folded.  They are put in the ring and their fellow patrol members tell them where to move to pick up the nuggets.  Another activity was the spider web, where rope was strung between two trees and everyone had to go through them with help of patrol members on either side of the web.
One more activity was the obstacle course.  Also, there was a fire building challenge.  There was a height requirement and a size limit that proved to be a fun challenge for everyone.  Save the Miner was an activity that showed the patrol’s knowledge of first aid.  A staff member pretended to have an injured arm, ankle, and head.  Then, the patrol members did first aid on him.  Old nugget bucket was a game where patrols took stick and lashed them together to grip buckets full of nuggets that sat behind a line that nobody was allowed to cross.
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