Harvest Festival Service Opportunity – Sept. 29-30

The Strongsville Historical Society will he holding their annual Harvest Festival on Saturday, September 30th, and they have requested that we set up our rope bridge for the festival. There are several opportunities to help and earn service hours as part of this event. Please sign up for the following options on TroopWebHost:

Rope Bridge Setup: Friday, September 29, from 6:30-8:00 pmOn the evening before the event, we are looking for some volunteers to assist in setting up the rope bridge. Please meet us at the Strongsville Historical Society (by the large wooden playground in Strongsville, near the library), and dress for the weather.

Rope Bridge Assistance:-10:30 – 6:00 (2-hour Shifts Available)We need Scout and adult volunteers to assist kids across the rope bridge, and provide information about the troop to any visitors. Scouts should dress in their Class A uniform, and bring a water bottle. If you are signed up for a shift during lunch time, please bring a lunch as well. Don’t forget to prepare for the weather (i.e. sunscreen if it’s sunny, a rain jacket if there is a chance of rain).

Signups on TroopWebHost are a little different from typical camping signups. From the home menu, please go to “MyStuff>MyScouts>Shift Sign-up.” from the calendar page, you need to look for the “Sign Up for Shifts” button.

Scouts and adults are allowed and encouraged to sign up for multiple shifts/jobs. This looks like a fun event, and will provide our troop with a valuable opportunity to share with our community all of the positive aspects of Scouting. Thanks for your help!

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