Hiking Merit Badge 15-mile Hike – Saturday, April 10th

Our penultimate hike in the Hiking merit badge series, and longest one so far, will be a 15-mile Hike, on Saturday, April 10th. This is a great opportunity to test your hiking skills in preparation for our 20-mile hike in May. Please sign-up on TroopWebHost if you are planning to attend.

For this hike, we will be on the Cuyahoga Valley Towpath Trail. From our starting point at the Lock 29 trailhead at the Peninsula Depot, our hike will take us south on the Towpath, all the way to Botzum Station. On the way, we will take a side hike to visit the Everett Covered Bridge. After reaching Botzum, we will return north on the Towpath to our starting point in Peninsula. This section of the Towpath is mainly paved or crushed gravel, and is pretty level.

Since the 15-mile hike is an all-day excursion, you should be prepared to carry plenty of water, food, rain gear, spare socks, and other essentials. Pack at least two (preferably three) quarts of water, a full lunch, and nutritious, energizing snacks. Please don’t forget to wear a mask (pack an extra one as well) and bring your COVID screening form.

The crew is meeting bright and early at the Lock 29 Trailhead in Peninsula ( 1648 Mill Street W, Peninsula, OH 44264 ) at 8:30 AM. Please be prompt! For reasons of safety and ability, only experienced hikers who have completed at least one of the 10-mile hikes, or those Scouts attending Philmont this summer, may participate in the 15-mile hike. We are anticipating being back at the Lock 29 Trailhead parking lot around 4:00 PM.

After the hike, don’t forget to complete your report. For those of you who haven’t yet submitted your hike report from our last 10-mile hike, please try to turn that in soon. If you have any questions, please reach out and let us know.

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