Important April Camp Update


It’s very important that all campers pay close attention to the weather forecast.  We are currently expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow on Friday night and more precipitation on Saturday.  There can be rain snow mixes too.  All scouts should plan for this camp as a Winter Campout. There’s the very real chance that camp will qualify for an April Polar Bear.

Please keep this in mind when packing and please pack tonight to give yourself enough time to ensure you have everything you need.  The areas of the body that are toughest to keep warm in conditions like this are hands and feet, so it is very important to bring several pairs of gloves and socks.  They hardly take up any room in a duffel bag/pack, so you might as well toss a bunch of them in.  Having cold and wet hands and feet will make the rest of your body feel cold.  A warm and dry stocking cap is also important, and pack some extra ones, so that you will have a dry one to put on.

Dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm, so having multiple, insulated upper and lower layers is key.  Due to the snowy conditions expected, winter boots would work well, as would snow pants and a winter coat.  Wearing hiking or winter boots for this camp is a requirement; do not wear tennis shoes, as they will not keep your feet warm and dry.

Before going to bed, you will definitely want completely dry clothes to change in to.  So, pack a set of sleeping clothes, along with a dry stocking cap to wear at night.

Other important gear to bring is a ground tarp and ground pad, as your goal is to try to sleep above the cold ground.  A warm sleeping bag is also important, and if you think your bag won’t keep you warm down to 20 degrees, then bring an extra blanket or fleece liner.  It isn’t a far walk from the parking lot to the tent sites, so it is certainly OK to bring some extra stuff.

The PLC, patrol members, and staff have all combined to plan out a great camp, with fun activities, and opportunities to learn and practice scouting skills.  The cold and snowy conditions will only add to what is sure to be a unique and memorable Troop 701 camping experience!

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