Individual Tent Order Opportunity

In light of the current delta surge of the COVID pandemic, Troop 701 will continue our policy of individual tents for all camping participants.

Troop 701 is once again able to procure a two-person tent that is a smaller version of the troop tents we have used for several years. These tents are available from our distributor at a significant discount to Scout families, and the 701 Troop Committee has additionally agreed to subsidize a portion of the cost to help families purchase one of these tents for their Scout. The total cost for the tent and footprint (a protective layer under the tent to extend its lifetime) is $109 (a significant discount from the retail price). The troop subsidy will be $39, with a family contribution of $70. The tent will be owned by the Scout and family, and will stay with the Scout when he leaves the program. The $70 family contribution will be due on TroopWebHost when the tents arrive and are ready to be distributed to the Scouts. The tents should arrive before the upcoming September camp.

If your Scout will need an individual tent, please complete the commitment form at:

2021 Individual Tent Purchase Commitment Form

This commitment form also contains important information about the tent characteristics you should look for if you are considering having your Scout use a tent already owned by your family. Our adult leaders are able to help you determine if a tent would work well for the occasionally challenging camping conditions our troop encounters. Please review this information on the commitment form, and reach out with any questions you may have.

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