Is your son planning to attend Summer Camp?

Please indicate your Scout’s plans in TroopWebHost by this Tuesday.

We realize that there is a great deal of uncertainty about the next couple months. Even though summer camp is nearly four months away, we do need to start preparing now. As always, Troop 701 will make sure that our activities prioritize the health and safety of our Scouts, leaders, and families.

The troop will continue to abide by all recommendations to limit the spread of COVID if those restrictions extend into the summer. Additionally, we will continue to make our own assessments, and continue to err on the side of caution for our group as a whole. However, we realize that some of you might be concerned about the possibility of the troop traveling to summer camp, even if you personally are not yet comfortable with your Scout resuming activities. For your reference, this is the individual cancellation policy for Heritage Scout Reservation:

Refund Policy:
All refund requests must be received at the Flag Plaza Scout Service Center thirty (30) days prior to attending camp. No refunds will be granted without thirty (30) days notice unless one of the extenuating circumstances listed below is met.
Refund requests will NOT be accepted at camp. All requests must be sent using the refund request form to the address/email listed.
1. All refund requests must have a unit leader’s signature to be considered.
2. All refunds will be issued by check to the unit, NOT the individual and will be sent to the primary contact listed on the unit’s camp reservation. The unit is responsible to distribute the refund.
3. Absolutely no refunds will be granted for No Shows.
4. All refunds will be less a 10% processing fee.

The only circumstances under which a refund will be considered less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival are:
1. An injury/illness that prevents attendance at summer camp. A signed doctor’s note must accompany this request.
2. The death of an immediate family member (parent/guardian, sibling, grandparent).
3. Family relocation makes attending camp impractical.
4. Mandatory summer school attendance/work schedule change. A signed note from the school/employer must accompany this request.

All requests for one of these reasons must be received no later than August 31 of the year of attendance. Any request received after August 31 will not be considered. Request received for one of these reasons within ten (10) business days of scheduled arrival will be less 25% if approved.

Heritage Scout Reservation has been very good with refunds in the past. We are hopeful that this process will be even easier if our attendance at camp is canceled for concerns related to COVID.

We hope this information helps if you have been on-the-fence about whether to sign up for summer camp.

We do ask everyone to take the following actions in TroopWebHost now:

Please go to the summer camp event on the July calendar. If you cannot see it when you first navigate to the July page, click on the “Show All Calendar Items” beneath the calendar. When you click on Summer Camp, you will have the option to select “yes” or “no” for your Scout(s). Please select one of these options by this Tuesday. If you have made full or partial payment for summer camp, thank you! Your Scout is already listed as a “yes” on this page.

If you have made no payments to date, or if your Scout’s account is not paid in full for summer camp, Laura will be contacting you to address these payments. Heritage has extended the Early Bird deadline by two weeks, so we would like to have all payments in hand, or alternate arrangements agreed upon, by April 7.

If you have concerns or questions about any of this information, please text or call Laura at 440-821-2445.

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