Jackson P. Eagle Project – Saturday, September 28th

Hey, Scouts! I, Jackson P., will be hosting another event of my eagle scout project next Saturday, September 28th from 1-3 pm at my house, 20023 Kylemore Drive in Strongsville. We will be staining and painting blue bird boxes. You do not have to bring any materials, just enthusiasm! It would be best to have around 4-6 scouts: However, you should not assume that others have signed up, just send me an email at jacksonmaster04@gmail.com and I will get back to you on whether or not we are full. If you cannot come, it is not because I chose someone else over you, it is simply a first come first served setting. Scouts of all ages are welcome to join! Our installation date for the blue bird boxes is October 5th. There will be more information to come about that trip. Thank you!

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