June Camp – June 14-16

This month’s camp will be held the weekend of June 14-16, at Mosquito Lake State Park, in Cortland OH. Sign-ups are available on TroopWebHost. For camp this month, we will be meeting at Chapman at 6:30 PM on Friday.

Please join us for some fun outdoor and aquatic-based activities! In addition to bringing the typical gear you will need for a tent camp, we are asking that everyone please bring:

-a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes.
-sunscreen and bug spray (pump style, NOT aerosol).
-camp chair and a water gun.
-PL’s should bring their patrol flag.

Please make sure your name is on all of your items. Pro Tip: bring plastic bags to pack your wet swimsuit, towel, and water shoes in, so that they don’t get the rest of your gear dirty and wet. Also, don’t forget to bring important items like a water bottle, rain gear, flashlight, and your white or green advancement book.

If you have any questions about camp, please talk to your Patrol Leader, or an Adult Leader. Hope to see you there!

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