Kitty Update

Kitty Update

At September camp, a lost or abandoned kitty showed up at our site.

I hope to find a shelter to take it, but there do not appear to be spaces anywhere. Several shelters are not returning calls or emails, and the ones that have are already at or over capacity.

We have posted to every lost and found site we could find and contacted animal wardens/police departments near camp to see if anyone reported this animal missing, and I posted to Facebook. A friend of mine suggested seeing if anyone is looking for a barn cat, but that would be a last resort.

I wish I could keep it, but my two current cats are not taking this well. One of them is very aggressive to the newcomer and has tried to harm it. I am currently shuffling cats around the house to keep them apart, but it’s not sustainable.

We have been trying to find it a home. If anyone is considering taking in a cat, or knows someone who could foster a cat until we can find a shelter, please let me know.

This is a male, not neutered, no collar, no microchip. Extremely cuddly, wants to be around people. It tried to make friends with my cats initially but is now justifiably afraid of them. I can only assume it is not current on vaccinations. I gave it a flea treatment.

Please let me know if you can think of any avenues I have missed or if you might know someone that can give this sweet kitty a home.

Leslie Moder

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