Mammoth Caves June Camp – Sign Up Now

We have all the details for Troop 701’s travel camp to Mammoth Cave in June. Please read this message carefully – there is a lot of information here. This camp requires an early commitment. We need to make cave tour reservations, and they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.Please let us know of your intention to attend this camp by next Tuesday, May 1.

Please note that parents are welcome to camp with the troop at the Maple Springs Campground. Parents must bring their own tent, and must plan to participate as guests of the troop. Guests of the troop must follow the same schedule as the troop and eat the same meals. Guests must each pay the $25 camp fee.

Drivers to camp may also choose to make other lodging and dining arrangements in the Mammoth Cave area. In order to avoid disrupting the patrol method and scout leadership, we ask that parents who make other lodging arrangements do not visit the Maple Springs Campground until Sunday pickup.

Regardless of sleeping arrangements, everyone is welcome to sign up for cave tours, which are open to the public.

We are not able to accommodate siblings of any age at the Maple Springs Campground. While families with siblings may wish to travel to Mammoth Cave with the troop, they must arrange their own lodging or camping location at a site other than the Maple Springs Campground. Thank you for understanding our efforts to minimize disruptions for our scouts!

For any questions about camping, please contact Scoutmaster Tirey.

Sign up for this camp requires three steps on TroopWebHost

1. Sign up your Scout and any adults who plan to camp at Maple Springs Campground in the main camping signup. If an adult wishes to camp, but does not have a TWH account, please write the person’s name in the memo line of the Scout signup.
2. Sign up on the driver signup if you plan to drive to Mammoth Cave. As always, please include in the memo line the number of seatbelts available for Scouts (including your own Scout).  Please indicate too when you will depart for camp on Friday.
3. Sign up for any cave tours your scout and any family members wish to attend. Again, if an individual wishes to attend a cave tour, but does not have a TWH account, simply write that person’s name in the memo line of the Scout’s signup,

Camp Costs:
$25 per person (includes two snacks, two cold breakfasts, one lunch, pavilion rental, Saturday daytime refreshments, and camping fee).

Cave Tour Costs: (see link for descriptions)

Option 1: “Historic Tour” and “Domes & Dripstones Tour”: $34 per person.
This is two separate tours, each 2 hours.  The first tour will be in the morning, the second in the early afternoon. A great way to break up the tours with time for lunch and a break in between.

Option 2: “Grand Avenue Tour”: $30 per person
This is an epic 4 hour tour that includes all of the Frozen Niagara tour and all of the Domes and Dripstones tour.

Additional Costs

In addition to above fees due to the troop, everyone needs to bring money for two dinners, one lunch, and any souvenirs. Estimate $35 for meals.

Camp Itinerary

Friday, June 8th:
-Meet at Chapman at Noon (everyone should have already eaten lunch before arriving).
-Drive to Maple Springs Group Campground (6.5 hours).
-Will stop for dinner on the way (everyone needs to bring money for dinner).
-Set up camp upon arriving.
-Evening snack provided by troop.
-Camp in tents at campground.
*if you cannot make the Friday noon departure date, we will organize a 2nd group leaving in the evening.

Saturday, June 9th:
-Cold breakfast provided by troop.
-Depart campground 7:15-7:30 a.m.
-Drive to Mammoth Cave National Park for cave tours (about 1 hour drive time due to ferry).
-Embark on various tour options:
-Option 1: Historic Cave Tour (2 hours) & Domes & Dripstones Tour (2 hours)
-Option 2: Grand Avenue Tour (4 hours); Tour begins at 9 am.

-Lunch provided by troop Participants on Grand Avenue tour must bring lunch with them; those doing Option 1 will eat lunch in between the tours.
– The troop will setup a hospitality pavilion, which is  place anyone can rest, have a refreshment and hang out before or after tours.
-After tours, time will be provided to Visitor Center with visit gift shop and museum.
-Dinner (everyone needs to bring money for dinner).
-Spend evening at campground, with evening snack provided by troop.
-Camp in tents at campground.

Sunday, June 10th:
-Pack up and take down tents.
-Cold breakfast provided by troop.
-Drive home to Strongsville (6.5 hours), stopping for lunch on the way (everyone needs to bring money for lunch).
-Arrive back at Chapman mid-afternoon (4:00-ish).

Camp Location:
Maple Springs Campground
Maple Springs Loop, Mammoth Cave, KY 42259
Group sites 5, 6, and 7
(270) 758-2424

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